This is why YOU are missing out if your E-com business is NOT running TikTok ads!

Do you think your brand suits TikTok & are you looking for a team full of TikTok ads specialists? 

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If your E-com business joins our TikTok ads service, you get direct & full access to:

  • "New Way of Marketing" TikTok training. Because we are not a "normal" agency, we provide your E-commerce brand with TikTok training. We have noticed that by implementing this, the results have been given a huge boost. Our skills are top notch. However, to achieve good results, the customer will have to understand the TikTok platform and the associated content. TikTok Training and knowledge from both sides!

  • Result focus sessions - to keep each other sharp. Results will be shared every other week by means of well-structured sheets, so that both parties can discuss and optimize the TikTok ads results.

  • Scripts, funnels, templates & more. Plug & play sheets, step by step plans, templates, KPI sheets, profit/loss sheets, etc, etc. We have used these sheets and scripts for all our clients to structure their E-commerce business and we will share it with your E-commerce business as well. Implementing these tools in your business gives your E-commerce business an edge over the competition.

What do some of our clients say about us?

"They are TikTok experts for real!"

We do work together with Time2Grow your TikTok agency for 4 months now. They got us a boost in sales and we are more than happy that we have started and continue their amazing service.
Happy Cheatday
"Clean service, focussed on TikTok only."
They deliver what they said they would deliver. They breath TikTok and that's why we love working with them!

"The knowlegde they have and the value they provide is amazing!"

Time2Grow your TikTok agency has led several coaching sessions for the Service Points community. A lot of value was shared during these sessions and the SP members can't wait for the next session to take place!

Service Points

Curious if using TikTok ads can help you scale your business?


For which countries is this ad service available? 
This service is available for all countries worldwide. More importantly is the communication. We only work with teams that speak English and/or Dutch.

Will my product or brand be a good fit for TikTok ads?
This is on of the main questions that we receive. Besides the statistics that we have about the audience that is on TikTok in your target country, it depends on different factors. The best thing for you to do to get our honest opinion is to schedule a free call underneath.

What are the guarantees that are given along with the ad service?
We will make sure that you will be profitable within 2 months. If not, it's not a good match and you will get your basic retainer refunded.