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To disrupt the current agency industry by doing it all differently on TikTok. Only on TikTok! 

We don't do it all, don't have all kinds of different options, don't have all kinds of different platforms to advertise on. We believe in focus! 

1 platform, 1 priority, 1 team, 1 goal... TikTok! 

We believe TikTok is the future and you can be a part of it. Because of our 100% focus on TikTok, we know that we will always beat the "do it all" agencies. We are here to stay, with or without you.

The Time Is Now

Is your E-commerce company looking for a team full of TikTok Experts to run their ads? 

TikTok will continue to break record after record compared to other social media platforms. With or without your E-com company. If you don't start today, this unique opportunity will pass you by. TikTok will soon be as saturated and expensive as Facebook... 

So the time to get started is NOW! 

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In the Time2Grow your TikTok community we have different levels. 

We believe in growth and success stories. That's exactly why we have different TikTok Kings levels. Grow and become a real TikTok King. Surround yourself with the best of the best!

0 - 50k per month
50k - 100k per month
100k+ per month
0 - 50k per month
50k - 100k per month
100k+ per month

TikTok ads service

Outsource TikTok ads for your E-com business? That's possible! Become our next successful client using our expertise and skills.

Fast, unique and the perfect mix between content and marketing. Let us create your advertising content.

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